Stop Motion Animation

Reel Stop Motion 2017

2016, Barcelona.
2016, Barcelona.

Sand Animation

Short stories made with sand animation
during a workshop with filmmaker Abi Feijó. 

Stop motion commercials for KRAFT

5 commercial spots for different Kraft products.
Art direction and animation. 

Puppets & Sets

Citoplasmas Stop Motion




Construction of props and set for shortfilm “Matilda”, by Citoplasmas Studios. 

2018, Barcelona.



“Señora Norma”

Character Design and puppet construction for workshop Grangel Studios.

2017, Barcelona.




Art Direction

Stop motion TV show: Zander
Art Direction Assistance and Art Production for Zander, a philosophy tv series for children. 
Art Direction: Hugo Covarrubias
Director: Enrique Ortega

2020, Chile


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Stop motion commercials for Kraft

Art Direction and Animation for commercial spots 
Agency: Publimetro

2018, Chile



Photoshoot for “Defensoría de la Niñez” (Advocacy for Childhood Institution)

Art Direction 
Agency: Puente 
Photographer: Margarita M. Gómez

2019, Chile


Student shortfilm “Harrison Bergeron”

Art Direction and production

Instituto Profesional Escuela de Cine

2015, Chile.



SHORT FILM “From the same Thread”

Story, Direction, Art Direction and Animation

BAU Centro Universitario de Diseño Barcelona

"From the same thread" is a stop motion shortfilm created as a final project for Master in Stop Motion Animation of BAU Design School Barcelona.

It was created, directed and animated by Antonia (Chile), Rucha (India), Lorène (Austria) and Phaedra (Greece). 

“From the same thread” has been screened in over 20 different film festivals, including The Shortfilm Corner of Cannes, Stop Motion Montreal and Monstra International Festival. The film has also been awarded with “Best student work” CRAFT 2017, and “Stratos Stasinos Annual Award” by ASIFA Hellas.


Being attached to a platform limits her in every way, allowing nothing but a single sound in her life. One day a new sound appears, and with it the desire to reach it.

Antonia Piña
Lorène Friesenbichler
Phaedra Derizioti
Rucha Rucha Dhayarkar


Reel 2017
Reel of 2D animation for comissioned work.

Barcelona, 2017.

Animated Video for Onsecur, security system

Script, storyboard, illustration and animation

2018, Barcelona.


Infographics “Digital Privacy” for University of Rennes 1

Art Direction, illustration, and animation.

2017, France.


Infographics “Digital Transformation” for University of Rennes 1

Art Direction, illustration, and animation.

2018, France.